Friday, 31 August 2012

Task saturated

Most LE forensicator types will know what it is like to be overwhelmed with urgent stuff, the situation not helped when your supervisor is shouting at you to get stuff done and then, when you have gone home, your supervisor phoning you up to shout at you some more (and we love that).  So it is nice to remember that, no matter how crushing the challenges facing you, things could be worse.  Thus, I commend to you the fictional(?) zombie stylings of STEPHEN KNIGHT.

This all too credible tale of zombie mayhem is a milestone in the canon of the walking dead.  All too often zombies are unfairly portrayed as thoughtless automatons , unable to perform any tasks beyond the standard ripping and tearing of flesh.   In this book, a detachment of soldiers are heavily outnumbered and trapped in a tower block (a block of flats for those who speak the Queen's English), their efforts to escape are hampered by the appearance of zombie special forces soldiers who have managed to retain some memories of their training.   In fact, these uber-zombies are so adept that they are able to reduce the most complicated and seemingly insoluble problems to very simple solutions....blow stuff up!!!

Relentless gripping, this is essential reading.  This is the first part of a trilogy, will the tale end happily with the walking dead ascending to global dominance, or will the jammy living score an unlikely and undeserved victory?

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